Parallel Session 4.2: With Accessible Health and Social Services

Aeng Min is the Executive Director of Korea Health Welfare Social Cooperative Federation, which has 25 Health Welfare Social Cooperatives (HWSC) as members in Korea. Before becoming involved in the cooperative movement, she worked as a nurse and actively championed for industry safety, health of trade unions and for prevention of industrial accidents. In 2006, she started a health cooperative movement where the local community took initiative for their health care. In 2011, she became one of the founders of the local health cooperative, Salim HWSC, and was elected as a chairperson. During this time, she was dedicated to developing the cooperative’s launch of a clinic, a dental clinic, a fitness center, and to also establish the foundation of the health cooperatives’ principles. She has been actively involved in the local cooperative movement where she lives – Eunpyeong, beyond health cooperatives. From 2012 to 2016, she worked for the vice-president and then president of Eunpyeong Cooperative.